Buying and Selling a Los Angeles Restaurant

To buy a restaurant business in Los Angeles as quickly and efficiently as possible, you need skilled professionals on your side that can handle this often complex transaction. Alpert/Siegel & Associates, Inc. has a broad client list that consists of some of the most popular and successful operations in the greater Los Angeles area and the United States.

When you decide itís time for you to buy a restaurant in Los Angeles, why not make the process as simple and profitable as possible? We have over two decades of experience placing, representing, and leasing everything from full service restaurants to delis, cafes, bars and nightclubs, fast food chains, and coffee house franchises.

Take a look at our database of available property listings before you purchase a restaurant, and then make an appointment with an Alpert/Siegel associate to discuss what best fits your needs. We can assist you with site selection, analysis of demographics, sale and lease negotiation, and in choosing the right architects, designers, contractors, and subcontractors. If you want to sell your restaurant and make sure you get top dollar for your property we can also help.

We can also handle the acquisition of liquor licenses and work with governmental agencies on your behalf. Health department requirements, government alcohol regulations, local building codes and ADA requirements are just some of the issues you will face when you seek to purchase or sell a Los Angeles restaurant.

Let us support your endeavors to make your restaurant real estate transactions as painless and profitable as possible. So donít hesitate to let us know how we can serve you best. Our associates are eager to get you on the road to successfully purchasing or selling your Los Angeles restaurant business!

Buy, sell, or purchase a restaurant business in Los Angeles